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TRV Student Services cares deeply about our Returning Student population. We understand that returning to UC Merced may seem difficult, but TRV will work with you to reenter and reintegrate into the university as well as maintain your academic standing so you may succeed. We have a team dedicated to helping our returning students meet all the requirements for readmission if you have left UC Merced in poor standing or were academically dismisssed:

  • We help prospective returning students create letters for readmission. 
  • We also help compile evidence that you have proven that you deserve readmission such as transcripts from community college and proof you are able to handle 12 units or more of coursework (minimum units to be a full-time student).
  • Working with you to maintain your academic standing by providing information on workshops and study groups.


Readmission to UC Merced

Information on reinstatement to UC Merced can be found here.

The application for readmission to UC Merced can be found here.

Application deadlines can be found here.