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Campus Involvement

Academics are important and so is making the connections with your peers by being involved in a club, organization, or program. The TRV program encourages you to be involved on campus as much as possible. Not only will being involved at UC Merced help you grow as an individual, but could potentionally help you for your future career. Take a look at the many exciting opportunities that UC Merced has to offer!


UC Merced has many clubs that fit into everyones needs whether it be academic, professional, arts, cultural, religious, music, dance, special interests and community services based. Putting yourself out there in these clubs brings you life-long experiences and a sense of community to the group. If you can not find a group that you like, you can even make your own. There are many you can choose from. 


Scholars can particiapte in a wide range of programs at UC Merced. There are health related programs, leadership programs and research programs that you can choose from.

Health Programs

You can be involved with Recreation and Athletics by trying out for a sport, participating in intramural sports or a fitness program. Recreation and Athletics also has Outdoor Experience Programs that educate and inspire healthy outdoor activity.

Leadership Programs

The Yosemite Leadership Program (YLP) is an environmental leadership program known in the nation. The mission for YLP is to educate and inspire environmental advocacy and social change while respecting cultural heritages and communities.

The Bobcat Leadership Program is an understanding of social change, building strength, self-awareness and being involved in the Merced community. There are three parts to this program based off of your individual achievements and progression in the program.

Research Programs

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center (UROC) mission is to encourage and facilitate faculty-mentored undergraduate research projects and creative activities across all schools and academic disciplines. There are opportunities during the summer and during the academic school year. Starting early on in research can help you with your communication skills, self-reflection, and gain leadership experience.

The Study Abroad office has several programs depending on what will help you more financially and appropiately towards your academic advancement. UC Education Abroad Program offers students to study nearly 35 countries during the summer, semester and yearlong programs -- internships and research opportunities are available as well. UC Summer Abroad refers to all study abroad opportunities through the sister campuses like UC Davis and UCLA. Some of those programs are led by UC professors or international summer school programs. International Opportunities Program consists of students being more proactive and self-reliant because the application and finanical aid process is different compared to other study abroad programs.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

There are many fraternities and sororities ranging from academic, social, community service, and professional that are here at UC Merced that fit your interests. Each organization has four values that build up their community; leadership, scholarship, service and friendship. If joining a fraternity or sorority is what you are looking for while attending UC Merced, join one today!