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About Us

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Our Purpose Statement

Transfer, Returning and Veterans (TRV) Student Services is a supportive community for transfer, reinstated and veteran students. We understand and value the unique experiences and perspectives non-traditional students bring to our vibrant campus community. The purpose of TRV is to celebrate the diversity of our students and to assist in the discovery of services available to UC Merced students. We accomplish our purpose by offering individual, academic, and community support as well as advocacy, research awareness, resources referrals and career exploration.

Message From Our Coordinator

Transfer, Returning and Veterans Student Services supports students through their integration, transition, and degree attainment while at UC Merced.  We provide individual, academic, and community support as well as advocacy, research awareness, resources referrals and career exploration.  We also provide several social and academic events throughout the semester to help foster a sense of community and camaraderie.  

One of the most important aspects of this program are our Fellows. The Fellows are student workers from various areas of study who are motivated to support transitioning, returning and veteran students.  The Fellows create programming and host events in support of "YOU".  We also welcome family and supporter participation because we know how important it is to have familial support on this significant journey in your life.

The best source of support is someone who understands what you are going through.   The Fellows and I are here to support you. As both a veteran and prior transfer student, I understand there are many mixed emotions with each of these unique situations.  Transitioning students can sometimes experience difficulties , so TRV offers community activities and support.   As a Veteran, transitioning from life in the military to civilian life, this can also have its own set of challenges.  It can be helpful having support as you transition from a military to classroom environment from individuals who understand the unique circumstances that may impacting your success.   If you are a returning student and have made the decision to return to UC Merced after a leave of absence, this can also be challenging, and we are to support you as your reacclimate and achieve your own success at UC Merced.

Transfer, Returning and Veteran students may also need access to resources, so we bring those to you and provide referrals to other departments as needed. Research opportunities built on relationships can be difficult to navigate when transitioning, so we have our Fellows keep an eye out for potential opportunities specific to your interests. Ultimately you might need some sort of advanced degree or career preparation, and we put you in contact with those who can help you get ahead.

You have a place on our campus, and we here to help.  Now all we need is you!

UC Merced is the most diverse campus in the University of California system. The campus culture can be defined by its leadership, innovation, adaptability, and its students: that’s you.